Judge Knodell’s announcement

Grant County Superior Court Judge John Knodell has announced that he is seeking a fourth term.

Judge Knodell served three years in the U.S. Marine Corps, after which he attended law school and was admitted to the Bar in 1980.  He began practicing as an associate at the Ephrata firm of Collins and Hansen. He later he opened his own firm in Quincy.  In 1990, he was elected Grant County Prosecutor, and he served in that capacity until 2008, when he was elected to bench.

As an attorney Judge Knodell argued at all levels of Washington’s judicial system, in Federal District Court, and before the United States Supreme Court.  As Grant County Prosecutor he successfully convicted school shooter Barry Loukaitis in 1997, and he also appeared before the US Supreme Court in 2004 to argue Blakely v Washington, a landmark case governing sentencing in criminal matters.

Judge Knodell is not only highly qualified to continue serving as a Superior Court Judge, he is widely respected by both local attorneys and judges throughout the state.  In a recent decision, the Washington Court of Appeals stated that Judge Knodell is “a conscientious judge who applied the law fairly…..(the Defendant) received a fair trial and a fair sentence…”.

“Justice must be administered in an evenhanded manner to maintain the public confidence,” Judge Knodell says. “I look forward to serving the people of Grant County another four years impartially and according to the letter of the law.”



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